Shirts by Mike

Shirts by Mike

UX Case Study


Shirts by Mike is specialist T-shirt company. the brand needed as complete rethink including the online store. I wanted to make a story behind the Brand. While putting together the mood board I came across an image of an amazing blue amazonian frog. I decided to use this image as the basis of a story that weaves together a coherent brand, environmental awareness as well as forming the basis of the artwork on the product.

My Role

I lead the product design of the project including research, journey mapping, Creating User Personas, UX and UI. The site was hand sketched and design iterations mocked up and prototyped using Adobe XD.

Early Wireframe Sketches

The Problem

The original branding, website had been poorly conceived had minimal content and did not present the product to its full potential.

The Audience

The T shirts were being sold mainly to users of its sister tech learning company. Customers based on market research where mainly 16-35 years old lifelong learners with a playful nature.  The students wanted t-shirts that were fun and make them feel connected to the community.


The Solution

The beautiful Amazonian tree frog married well into the parent companies eco-friendly credentials. Mike the frog came to life as a wider symbol of sustainability and caring for nature.

Project Learnings

During the course of the project many assumptions had to be made. Whilst the site was well liked by the client it would have been even better if this could have been further verified by user testing.

Mock Ups

Device Mock Ups