Cyprus Building Constructions

Cyprus Building Constructions  | Building a Property in Cyprus

All property built in Cyprus needs to meet with strict government anti-seismic regulations. If you are building a property, the responsibility for its lawful and successful construction will  rest on the shoulders of your architect.

  • Building a property yourself is not legal in Cyprus

Planning Applications in Cyprus

Planning permission needs to be obtained for almost all types of development from the local Town Planning Authority, which is usually situated with the District Lands’ Office.

Planning Applications must be submitted to the Town Planning Authority by architects or construction engineers who are registered to practice in the Republic of Cyprus. When the application is approved, it will remains valid for three years. If substantial construction work is not started with this three year period, the Planning Application must be submitted again for consideration.

Should the architect or owner consider that a planning application has been refused unjustly, they may appeal the decision of the Town Planning Authority. A planning appeal must be lodged with the Council of Ministers within 30 days from the date of notification of its refusal. As the appeal process involves consideration by various bodies, the appeal process may take several months.

Building Permits in Cyprus

Although the land can be cleared and prepared ready for work to start a Building Permit must be obtained before any construction activity can start.

The applicant, or the architect working on his behalf, completes an application form (E.D.6) that must be signed by the owner(s) shown on the Registration Certificate (Title Deed). The architect completes paragraph 18 of the form and submits it together with a copy of the professional license issued by the Cyprus Scientific & Technical Chamber (ETEK).

The Planning Permission Plans and Conditions as issued by the Town Planning authority, the architect’s drawings, static estimates and plans, and Registration Certificate (Title Deed) must accompany the application.

The application is submitted to the District Administration.

Tendering and Contracting in Cyprus

Your architect will invite tenders from registered building contractors to build your property and will help you to evaluate the tenders.

Having selected your contractor and negotiated the price, you will need to enter into a contract with him for the construction of the property. The standard form of contract used in Cyprus is that published by The Joint Committee of Architects, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors and Building Contractors of Cyprus. These are in Greek and are based on the UK Joint Contracts Tribunal models published in the United Kingdom by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Building your Property and Payment in Cyprus

Your architect will pay regular inspection visits to the construction site to monitor progress and ensure that everything is going to plan.

Every month or so, the building contractor will claim payment for work he’s completed. Your architect will check to ensure that the payment request is appropriate and raises an “Inspection Certificate” that he passes to you for payment. You pay the building contractor and he issues you with a receipt.

On completion of the building work, your architect obtains a “Certificate of Approval” from the District Administration. Representatives visit and inspect the property before issuing the Certificate.

Once the Certificate is issued, you file an application at the District Lands’ Office to update the Title Deed together with:

  • Certificate of Registration (Title Deed) of the property.
  • Building Permit with all plans and terms attached thereto.
  • Certificate of Approval Building.

When the District Lands’ Office is satisfied that the property has been built in accordance with the permits and plans, it updates the Title Deed showing that a building now occupies the land.

  • You may not make any changes to the property until it has been inspected by the representatives from the District Administration. Even small changes might result in a delay in issuing the “Certificate of Approval”.

Modern Architecture China

Modern Architecture China

We can source building products from China and could save you a packet.

We have formed a business alliance with a company that can source all your materials from China, Consolidate the shipment into containers and ship them to Cyprus.

Home Architect Referral

Home Architect Referral

Home Architect Referral – If you are starting a new project determining which architect to go with is one of the most important decisions to take. Whether the structure is being designed as a new dwelling unit or it involves a remodel project, with its own special requirements.

There are numerous factors that may not be so evident to the homeowner or building owner, like whether the plans will need to be reviewed by a structural engineer, if the architect can give recommendations on contractors and if they manage projects.

Ogaya Architects have considerable experience in all aspects of the design process from initial concept design to managing the project on site.

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Cyprus Architects | Architects in Cyprus

Cyprus Architects | Architects in Cyprus

Architecture in Pafos Cyprus has seen a bit of a revival with two exceptional schemes by non Cypriot architects. and

Both schemes are more rooted in the mainstream of contemporary modern Mediterranean architecture. It is refreshing to have witnessed a change in developers attitude to design. Lets just hope that some of the flavor of these schemes will incorporated into the local developers offerings.

Palace in Oman

Due to the dire economic situation in Cyprus, we have outsourced ourselves to a practice in the middle east. Whilst currently working in Oman I am very much interested in any new commissions.